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While classical marketing goals such as awareness building and brand promotion do still have their place, they are increasingly assuming a background role. More and more, the efficiency of marketing activities is now linked to hard sales targets. Lead generation has proved an ideal tool to achieve these targets and produce measurable success. Today, lead generation is widely regarded as a perfect way to find a direct route to potential customers, define a direct return on investment for marketing activities, and promote stronger cooperation between marketing and sales departments. White papers are the most important lead generation tool to stimulate the interest of target groups and establish an ongoing dialogue with them.

“53% of marketers say that the most effective piece of content at moving prospects from mid-funnel to the bottom of the funnel is white papers.”

1 What is a white paper?

A white paper is a document that competently explains a specific subject matter with as little vendor bias as possible. Unlike scientific papers, however, white papers are not intended for a narrow audience of experts. They aim to use easily understandable language to convey knowledge that is relevant for a specific target group’s work. A white paper is not an advertising brochure. Its tone and choice of vocabulary are very objective; there is no room for advertising slogans or marketing slang in a white paper. Generally, white papers can be descriptions of technical processes, descriptions of technical problems and outlines of their potential solutions, descriptions of strategies in order to achieve a specific aim, case studies and examples of use, market surveys, or any combination of these components. Essential in any case is that the target group must be able to derive tangible practical benefit from reading a white paper.

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The length of a white paper is determined by the intended purpose and by the information requirements of the white paper’s intended target group. It usually ranges between 6 and 20 pages. Technical audiences like things detailed and comprehensive, while management audiences usually prefer a compact, highlighted and to the point presentation of facts. It is helpful in both cases to include diagrams, check lists, statistics and info graphics

White paper marketing

From a marketing perspective, a white paper is a tool whose purpose to motivate target groups engage with a company and products.   However, this happens indirectly. A white paper only sets a stage on which a specific product can be the leading character and, at most, describes the underlying plot. If a company sells security locks, for example, a white paper could discuss the security issues that exist in conventional locking systems and explain the advantages of security locks. 

From a marketing perspective, a white paper’s main job is to demonstrate a company’s competencies and capabilities. Once this hurdle has been taken, white papers can fostertrust in a company’s products and create links between a problem and the company’s relevant solutions on an ongoing basis. From the company’s communication perspective, white papers are starting points for a continued dialogue with existing and potential customers. They provide the conversation topics that can be used to create a dialogue
with trade publications, on social media and in any contact with customers and the general public.

The purpose of a white paper is to demonstrate a company’s competence and expertise. However, who exactly should handle this task? The challenge is to gather the highly technical know-how of specialist departments and product managers and present it in a document that is easy to understand. Companies are faced with the dilemma whether such documents should be produced by the
knowledge carriers themselves or by external authors. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages.

In-house white paper production

A whitepaper is a persuasive, authoritative, in-depth report on a specific topic that presents a problem and provides a solution. White Paper is considered one of the most efficient B2B lead generation tools and can have a very powerful influence on the ROI of your marketing strategy. We help clients circulate their white papers through Tele Marketing and Email Marketing. Our white papers are gated content—they require interested parties to fill up a form to obtain access to the paper if accessed through email.

We can do your Whitepaper promotion to any required industry, geography and ABM. We ensure from our high-quality white paper promotion grabs the attention of prospective customers, build your brand’s credibility, gain their trust and most of all, gradually move leads through the sales funnel.

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